Preparing Vungle Unity Plugin for Windows

Supported Versions of Unity

Windows 10 UWP and Universal 8.1 supports Unity 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Update Build and Project Settings

  1. Open Build Settings (Ctrl + Shift + B).
  2. Under Platform, select Universal Windows Platform.
  3. Make sure Build Type is set to "XAML Project" because the Vungle Unity plugin does not support the D3D project build type.
  4. Open Player Settings, and then Publishing Settings.
  5. Make sure internetClient permission is granted in the Capabilities menu.


Set Up Project Configuration

Under the Project tab are two VungleSDKProxy items. Under the Inspector tab, confirm that the following parameters are set correctly in the Select platforms for plugin and Platform settings sections:


  • General
    • Auto Reference should be checked
    • Validate References should be checked
  • Select platforms for plugin
    • Editor should be checked
  • Platform settings
    • CPU: Select Any CPU
    • OS: Select Any OS


  • Select platforms for plugin
    • WSAPlayer should be checked
  • Platform settings
    • SDK: Select Any SDK
    • ScriptingBackend: Select Any Scripting Backend

Supported Scripting Backend

Vungle Unity Plugin and above supports IL2CPP scripting backend but it is limited to Unity 2018 and above due to limitation of Unity. Please use .NET scripting backend instead for Unity 2017.

Unity Version Supported Scripting Backend
2017 .NET
2018 .NET, IL2CPP
2019 IL2CPP



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