Preparing Vungle Windows SDK v.2.0+ for the Unity Plugin

Use these instructions to prepare your Vungle Windows SDK (version 2.0 and higher) before integrating the Unity Plugin. When you have completed the instructions in this article, proceed to Get Started with Vungle (SDK v. 5.1 and higher) - Unity.


Supported Versions of Unity

  • Windows (Universal 8.1 or Phone 8.1) supports Unity 4 and Unity 5.3.2+
  • Windows 10 UWP supports Unity 5.3.2+

Windows SDK and Visual Studio Setup

Ensure that you have the necessary Windows SDK and Visual Studio setup for your development environment:

Capability Requirement

After you publish the Windows project in Unity, make sure that your project has the internetClient capability in the Unity environment. Open Build Settings (Ctrl + Shift + B), select Windows Store under Platform, and click Player Settings. Under Publishing Settings, in the Capabilities menu, select the InternetClient option, as shown:


Setting Up Project Configuration

Automatic Configuration Using Vungle Tools

Vungle Windows SDK consists of three different VungleSDK.winmd files, one for each Windows platform: Windows 10 UWP, Windows Universal 8.1, and Universal Phone 8.1. If you are using Unity 5 for Windows, you must configure some or all .winmd files, depending on the supported target platform.

We have prepared a one-click tool to help you with this procedure. From the menu, navigate to ToolsVungle and select Prepare Windows 10 Build or Prepare Windows 8.1 Build.


Manual Configuration

Under the Project tab, select the appropriate Vungle SDK. Confirm that the following parameters under the Inspector tab, in the Select platforms for plugin and Platform settings sections are properly set: 

  • For Assets/Plugins/metro/VungleSDKProxy.winmd:
    Platform: WSAPlayer
    SDK: Any SDK
    Placeholder: Assets/Plugins/VungleSDKProxy.dll

  • For Assets/Plugins/metro/VungleSDK.winmd:
    Platform: WSAPlayer
    SDK: SDK81 
  • For Assets/Plugins/metro/UWP/VungleSDK.winmd:
    Platform: WSAPlayer
    SDK: UWP

  • For Assets/Plugins/metro/WindowsPhone81/VungleSDK.winmd:
    Platform: WSAPlayer
    SDK: Phone SDK81


Important: If you are using Unity 5 to build the Universal 8.1 or Phone 8.1 project, you must disable the use of Assets/Plugins/metro/UWP/VungleSDK.winmd in one of these two ways:

  • Either select Assets/Plugins/metro/UWP/VungleSDK.winmd and, under the Inspector tab, in the Select platforms for plugin section, clear the WSAPlayer option,

  • Or delete Assets/Plugins/metro/UWP/VungleSDK.winmd.

If you are using Unity 4, navigate to Player SettingsPublishing Settings and change the following settings:

  • Unprocessed Plugins: Size 1
  • Element 0: VungleSDKProxy.dll


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