Reporting API 1.0 for Publishers


Note: The Reporting API 1.0 is our legacy API. Use it to report on transactions occurring prior to July 5, 2017. For transactions occurring on or after July 5, 2017, use the Reporting API 2.0, documented here.

The reporting API provides publishers a programmatic way to access data that is present on the dashboard. Your Reporting API Key will be the same for all of your apps. Each app will have a unique Reporting API ID, which can be found on its respective application page.

Host Request Headers API Content-Type: application/json Security is handled by passing an API key as a query parameter. Your API Key is automatically generated on the Vungle Dashboard.  
If you don't have one already, see How can I request a Reporting API Key?

Resources and Examples

Resource Parameters Description
GET /api/applications key=[API Key]
geo=[Country_Code] or geo=all
Returns a list of the applications you own.

Example Response:

    "id": "51896d9c3436ae313c3939b8",
    "appId" : "com.amazingGames.ProjectComet",
    "name" : "Project Comet", 
    "installs" : 1372,
    "platform" : "iOS",
    "connection" : "all", 
    "status" : "a"

Note, id and appId value will be same for newly created applications.

Resource Parameters Description
GET /api/applications/[REPORTING API ID] key=[API Key]
date=[YYYY-MM-DD] or start=[YYYY-MM-DD] end=[YYYY-MM-DD]
geo=[Country_Code] or geo=all
Returns a list of the statistics for the specified application on the specified date(s).

Example Response:

    "date" : "2012-08-16",
    "impressions" : 5165,
    "views" : 5156,
    "completes" : 1686,
    "revenue" : 16.86,
    "eCPM" : 3.26

Please note that if there is no data available for your query, an empty 200 response will be sent back. This reflects that the request has succeeded but that there is no data available to return.

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