Ordinal View Data Reporting

Ordinal view data reporting enables publishers to track performance on a true view number basis. The publisher can pass the true ordinal view number for each ad to the Vungle SDK, enabling Vungle to generate reports based on this data.

Participating in Ordinal Data Reporting

Before showing an ad, your mediation adapter must set the mediation ordinal. This ordinal indicates how many ads have been shown in the game session, including ads shown by ad networks other than Vungle. It is passed through the Vungle SDK to our server, which generates reports based on the data.


Your mediation adapter has shown two ads from other networks. Now it's showing one from Vungle. Because this is the third ad in the game session, the mediation ordinal should be '3'.

For Android

// Create a new AdConfig object
final AdConfig overrideConfig = new AdConfig();
VunglePub.getInstance().playAd("DEFAULT123", overrideConfig);

For iOS

// Pass in dict of options, play ad
NSError *error = nil;
[[VungleSDK sharedSDK] playAd:self
options:@{ VunglePlayAdOptionKeyOrdinal : @(3) }
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