What are the benefits of Vungle Exchange?

Vungle Exchange is the first ever programmatic solution exclusively for in-app mobile video advertising. Vungle Exchange is a breakthrough technology — with several patents pending — that addresses some of the biggest challenges that have traditionally stalled the creation of a programmatic way to buy and sell mobile video ads.

This is a revolutionary step forward in in-app monetization. For the first time, the mobile video ad-buying process will be instant and frictionless for brand advertisers, which means increased demand for publisher inventory. Via Vungle Exchange, you should expect:

  • Ad quality: Vungle Exchange only serves high-resolution, high-bitrate 15-second video ads for a TV-quality ad experience in applications.
  • Latency reduction: Vungle has overcome challenging technology barriers to low-latency ad-serving on mobile and now has the lowest latency in the market. Vungle Exchange can serve a video ad in less time than it takes the human eye to blink.
  • Brand-safety: Advertisers are sensitive to where their ads run, and developers are sensitive to which ads appear in their apps. Vungle Exchange uses advanced controls that allow each side to better manage where ads run.
  • Standards: Vungle Exchange will initially support the IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST). But Vungle has also built flexible server-side technology that adapts to new formats and creative types. Participating publishers won’t have to do any client-side work to accommodate new video standards and formats as they develop.
  • Optimization: Vungle Exchange utilizes unique algorithms to optimize between app install ads and brand ads, depending on the user, to maximize revenue potential for developers and return on ad spend for advertisers.
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