What should I reward our users for a video view?

Users love rewarded videos, especially when it's a Vungle video. There is no standard answer for this question. It involves looking at the way your game economy works. A developer should reward the user just enough to make the video option attractive, but not enough where the reward would replace an IAP purchase. Placing a Daily View Cap on rewarded videos is also important; it will limit the number of rewards per user. 

Here are a few questions you should ask when deciding the right amount to reward?

  1. What is more valuable to the user: soft or hard currency? Soft currency is cheaper to give away, but users may be more apt to watch a video for an item they can use right away. You can also use the rewarded video as a way to introduce new items to the user, incentivizing them to purchase the IAP later on.
  2. How enticing is the reward to the user? You want to make sure the reward is something that the user actually needs or wants and is not easy to come by.
  3. How does the reward compare to the most common IAP? You will want the reward to be the stepping stone to get that IAP, or something that the user may want, but never buys. 
  4. How does the reward compare to what the user will earn on average by playing the game? If the user earns the same reward amount by just playing a single level, the user may not perceive that the reward is worth 15 seconds of his/her time. 
  5. Should I cap the number of rewards per user per day? Yes. Setting a Daily View Limit can help you control how many free items/coins the user can earn. 

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