What is the value of skippable vs non-skippable videos?

Vungle aims to provider our developers with as many controls as we can to customize their ad experience for their app. 

Skippable videos are great in that they protect the user experience, as users are not forced to watch an entire video ad. Even so, it does come at a cost to performance. With skippable videos, users tend to watch about 4 seconds before they skip out of the content. This does not allow for actual video engagement and decreases the performance dramatically. Brand advertisers are also looking to advertise in applications with higher completion rates. 

We do suggest for developers to make their videos non-skippable or rewarded, especially as our videos are made to be short and snappy (only 15 seconds!). This is more than enough time to deliver the advertiser's message without taking too much of the user's time. Our short videos protect the user experience may the ad be skippable or non-skippable.

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