Why does my eCPM/revenue fluctuate from day to day when I am serving impressions daily?

Because we are a performance provider, our service requires a large enough sample size to determine a consistent eCPM for your application on a daily basis. 

We have found that advertisers are interested in buying in different forms (by view, by completed view, by clicks, and by installs). Advertisers also pay differently for each ad format and for each geographical location.

Instead of paying you a flat fee per view, we want to make sure you get your full share based on each user's actions. To this end, we have developed a revenue share model. While some views may not result in any revenue, we have confirmed that when spread across 1000 impressions, we do find market-rate eCPM. When the sample size is large enough, those users who actually perform meaningful actions more than compensate for users who don't.


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