What size are the SDKs?

The sizes below reflect what is shown in the device settings once the app is installed.

    An empty app with just a play button An app with the Vungle SDK and a play button An app with the Vungle SDK + Google Play Services*
iOS SDK  v. 5.4.0 Size: 324 KB Size: 1.7 MB  
v. 4.1.0 Size: 324 KB Size: 3.2 MB  
Android SDK     v. 5.3.2 - ProGuard Enabled 

Size: 1.49 MB

Size: 3.98 MB

Size: 4.43 MB

Method Count: 7424

Method Count: 19434**

Method Count: 20993 

v. 5.3.2 - ProGuard Disabled 

Size: 4.47 MB 

Size: 7.80 MB

Size: 8.84 MB

Method Count: 18061 

Method Count: 34449

Method Count: 38884

v. 4.1.0 Size: 464 KB Size: 5.68 MB  
Windows SDK v. 5.3.2 Size: 856 KB Size: 5.29 MB   

* Selective compilation of play-services-basement:11.0.2 and play-services-location:11.0.2.

** This number is increased by third-party dependencies. The core Vungle SDK alone has a method count of 6964.

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