How big are the videos? How many videos do you download on a user’s device?

On average, a single video is around 1.5-3MB in size.

We can download up to 5 videos per device. 

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    Jeffrey Sancebuche

    Is this "up to 5 videos per device" means that the SDK caches up to 5 videos even if not playing? We tested the SDK, it only caches 1 video at a time. After playing the video ad, it will download new video ad. Is there a way to continue the caching of video ad even if we're not playing any ad?

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    Buqian Zheng

    On my test device (iPhone) vungle downloads more than 8 ad videos and uses pretty much drive space. Are you sure that per device up to 5 videos can be downloaded? Is there a call back or an SDK API or a delegate method I can use to delete downloaded videos? Or must I delete them by myself?