Why don't I see any ads? (isCachedAdAvailable returns false)

Please contact our tech support team for immediate assistance at tech-support@vungle.com.

In the meantime, here are some easy tips to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check the App ID. Make sure that the App ID that you are using in the SDK code matches the App ID for your app in the dashboard. You'll find it on the dashboard in red, on your app's main page. Please make sure you're not using your Reporting API ID.

  2. SDK initialization is a common problem. As we pre-cache ads, our SDK needs enough time for our ads to cache. We highly recommend that you initialize our SDK when the app opens, so that when the ad opportunity arises, there is more than enough time for a video ad to be ready to play.

  3. Consider which country you are in. While we have very high fill, there are a few Tier 3 countries where ad inventory is low. 
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    Noah Schmid

    On my Dashboard, the App ID and the Reporting API ID are the same

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    Chris Mock

    Hello Noah, this would be ok to use the reporting api id, if you created the application in Vungle Dashboard vs. using search and finding an application which is already existing.