I get an Error: 3500 with Vungle's Adobe Air Extension. How do I fix this?

If you're getting the following error message, then you will want to go ahead and follow the steps below to get the extension up and running.

ArgumentError: Error #3500 : The extension context does not have a method with the name... 

This error is caused by the dx.jar file provided by Adobe. The dx.jar is used in compiling Android apps, however, the Adobe version also strips out java classes compiled with Java 1.7. This means that it gets rid of Vungle's SDK.

To resolve the issue, you simply replace the dx.jar from the Adobe Flex SDK with the dx.jar from the Android SDK. Unlike Adobe's dx.jar, Google's version does not strip out these classes.

So all you need to do is:





and thats it! Your Adobe Air extension should be back to serving ads in no time!

If you're still having troubles please contact our tech support team for immediate assistance at tech-support@vungle.com.

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