Dashboard Accounts - Common Industry Terms

  • DAU - (Daily Active Users) - This would be the total number of active users of the game in a given day.
  • Session Count - Session count refers to how many times users have gone into your app  
  • Avg. Session Length - The average length of a session
  • Views - A view is when the ad is visibly shown
  • Impressions - An impression is when an ad is called to play
  • Completes - The total number of video ads watched to completion 
  • CPM - Cost per mille/thousand
  • Clicks - When a user clicks on the call to action button on the ad
  • CampaignID - The campaign application id of the campaign
  • Initializations - Total number of unique SDK initializations for the app
  • Installs - When a user installs an advertised application
  • Daily Spend - How much advertising money was spent

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