Install Postback API

To provide robust reporting and attribution for your advertising campaigns, Liftoff needs to track installs of your app. This way, we can make sure your campaigns are performing well, and driving quality traffic and users to your app. The most common way to send Liftoff install information is through a third-party tracking solution.

Advertiser Postback API

As of August 1, 2014, all apps being uploaded to the Google Play Store must use the Play Services Advertising ID in lieu of any other identifiers, or else risk ejection from the Play Store. Refer to the Google Play Services Documentation for more details.

API Version 3

We have the same API endpoint for both the iOS and Android platforms, but each platform requires different parameters. The base endpoint is:

At minimum, the request must contain your Liftoff App ID and a device ID of some kind. The list of accepted parameters is below:

Parameters Description
app_id Required. The App ID listed in red on your application's page on the Liftoff Dashboard. If your app isn't on the Dashboard yet, then be sure to add it.
ifa The identifier for Advertising, a UUID provided by Apple for iOS devices since iOS 6. This is the preferred device identifier for iOS.
aaid The Advertising ID, a UUID provided by Google Play Services 4.0+, compatible with Android 2.3+. This is the preferred device identifier for Android.
isu A parameter for when preferred device identifiers cannot be used.
When the iOS IFA cannot be used (such as devices OpenUDID here.
When the Play Services Advertising ID cannot be used (such as devices without Google Play Services 4.0+), you may pass an Android ID here.
conversion Required. Setting conversion=1 means that Liftoff will attempt to attribute the install. Setting conversion=0 means that Liftoff will not attempt to attribute it.
The benefit of passing all installs to Liftoff is that we then know not to target your campaigns at those devices if they are on our network. This improves your conversion rates and thus improves your campaign performance in our network, which may give you access to more inventory.
trk Optional parameter for tracking. If trk=mat (MobileApp Tracking), the conversion parameter is required.
event_id Required for Liftoff installs. This is used across events such as clicks, installs and views, to help Liftoff attribute installs.
device_ip IP address of the device at the time of install.
device_name Mobile device manufacturers; for example, 'iPhone13'.
os_version Version of the mobile device's operating system; for example, '16.0.3'.
country_code Mobile device's country code, derived from the mobile IP address; for example, 'US' or 'CA'.

In a typical case, for each install that your app registers, you will send a GET request to our endpoint of the following form:

For iOS:{VUNGLE_APP_ID}&ifa={iOS_Identifier_For_Advertisers}&conversion={1/0}&event_id={event_id}&device_ip={ip_address}&device_name={device_name}&os_version={os_version}&country_code={country}


For Android:{VUNGLE_APP_ID}&aaid={Google_Advertising_ID}&isu={android_id}&conversion={1/0}&event_id={event_id}&device_ip={ip_address}&device_name={device_name}&os_version={os_version}&country_code={country}

API Versions 1 and 2

DEPRECATED: The mobile API versions 1 and 2 (for both Android and iOS) are no longer supported, along with MAC-based attribution.


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