What do sleep codes mean?

When your app sends a an ad request, our server occasionally returns a sleep. The following is a list of the most common reasons for a sleep:

Sleep Time Meaning Tips
-1 Success The ad request was successfully sent and received, and an ad was sent back.
60-120 Server error Server errors are channeled to sleep codes in this range. Such errors should not occur frequently.
117 Unaccounted server error The ad request was made from a device that doesn't match the Test device IDFA/ GAID in the Dashboard.
302 Not WiFi The app ID is configured to only serve when the device is connected to WiFi, and the request was made with a cellular connection.
305 Publisher not found Publisher app ID is not found in Liftoff database.
350 No active campaigns There is no active campaign in the geo location from which the ad request was sent (based on the device IP address).
605-1805 Impression auctioned not sold The Liftoff ad server did not receive a valid bid from any of our bidders. The sleep time is incremented in 60-second intervals from 605 up to 1805.
666 No backend This is caused by a load balancer issue, which should be very rare.
1800 Filters eliminated all options Dashboard configuration options, such as minimum OS version, have filtered out all campaigns for this ad request. 
1801 Exchanged removed all campaigns Liftoff's ad server did not receive a valid bid from any Vungle Exchange bidder.
1803 Filters cropped publisher whitelist There is a conflict between the settings defined in the Dashboard. For example, whitelist or blacklist settings under the account, application, or placement level are in conflict with those in another level.
3600 Inactive app This happens when your app is set to inactive in the Publisher Dashboard. Change the app to Active or Test mode and try again.
3603 Publisher Daily View Limit The daily view limit (DVL) has been reached. This is set to 20 by default; to change this value, contact our technical support team.
86400 Inactive publisher Publisher app ID is set to inactive mode.
172800  Below minimum OS The ad request was made from device that does not meet the minimum OS version. This sleep can also indicate that the ad request was made from a platform that is different than what is specified on the Liftoff Monetize Dashboard.

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