What do sleep codes mean?

When your app sends a requestAd, our server occasionally returns a sleep. The following is a list of the most common reasons for a sleep:

Sleep Time Meaning Tips
59 The server is too busy You should give it some time and then try again.
305 No app / Unknown app This probably means you are using the wrong AppID. Make sure it's the one in red, on your app's page on the dashboard.
1800 Filters eliminated all options This could be due to fill, or you may have watched the maximum number of daily ads for your app. You can try putting your app in test mode, so you do not have these limits.
3600 Inactive App This happens when your app is set to inactive on the dashboard. Try switching it to Active or Test mode and try again.
3603 Publisher View Limit Exceeded The daily view limit for this device has been reached. This is set to 20 by default, if you would like to make changes to it, please contact our tech support team.
172800   Non-publisher App id  This occurs when you use an advertiser AppID instead of a publisher AppID. Check the Dashboard to ensure your account is set up for a publisher and not an advertiser.

If you're still having problems, contact our tech support team.

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