What to do when you get a warning that Google's LocationClient is deprecated

If you are reading this then you are probably seeing the following warning:

Warning:com.vungle.publisher.location.GoogleLocationClientDetailedLocationProvider: can't find referenced class com.google.android.gms.location.LocationClient

The first thing to note here is that if you are seeing the following warning you should not be alarmed. This is a warning and should not affect your compilation or ability to show ads.

The reason that we include references to the deprecated Location client, is to ensure backwards compatibility. This includes both developers and devices that aren't on the latest Google Play Services versions (versions 4.0.30 or higher).

The Vungle SDK will compile and run correctly on these versions, though the compiler warning is shown on later versions due to Google's recommendation of using the latest version. These warnings can be ignored or turned off with compiler flags if it is affecting your build process.

Since we can't expect all of our clients (or their end users) to update Google Play Services on their devices, we try to include a backwards compatible approach.

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