Tracking URL Macros

This table contains the list of macros that Vungle can send to third-party tracking providers. The parameters labelled *required are necessary in your postback to attribute correctly. 

Vungle Macros

Macro Description
{{{aaid}}} *required Google's Play Services identifier for advertisers, lowercase version of the device AAID (if available)
{{{ad_tracking_disabled}}} If 'do not track' is enabled
{{{ad_tracking_enabled}}} If 'do not track' is disabled
{{{ad_type}}} Type of ad (for example, rewarded, interstitial, banner, mrec)
{{{age}}} Device user age
{{{app_id}}} *required Vungle Advertiser mongo id (not required for adjust)
{{{bid_currency}}} Always 'USD'
{{{bid_price}}} Bid price (for example, 0.60)
{{{bid_type}}} Campaign rate type (view/install/complete)
{{{browser_user_agent}}} Device browser User Agent
{{{campaign_id}}} The delivery campaign ID for this request
{{{campaign_name}}} The delivery campaign name for this request
{{{carrier_name}}} Carrier at the time of request
{{{city}}} Device city
{{{connection_type}}} Connection type (wifi, mobile)
{{{country}}} 2-letter country code
{{{country_name}}} Standard country name
{{{creative}}} The delivery creative name for this request
{{{creative_id}}} The delivery creative ID for this request
{{{custom_creative}}} Customer-designed Creative Name (as opposed to the long, cryptic Creative Name assigned by Vungle)
{{{device_amazon}}} One of [phone, tablet] based on device make/model and dimensions
{{{device_android}}} One of [phone, tablet] based on device make/model and dimensions
{{{device_id}}} Lowercase version of the device ID
{{{device_ios}}} One of [iphone, ipad, ipod] based on device OS and model
{{{device_model}}} Device model (for example, Galaxy S1)
{{{device_platform}}} Device OS (iOS, Windows, Android)
{{{device_windows}}} One of [phone, tablet] based on device make/model and dimensions
{{{eid}}} Event ID on the ad server/bidder side
{{{gender}}} Device user gender
{{{id}}} *required Same as eid
{{{ifa}}} *required Lowercase version of the device IFA (if available)
{{{ip}}} Device IP
{{{is_coppa_compliant}}} If publisher is set to be COPPA-compliant
{{{isu}}}  Lowercase version of the device ISU (if available)
{{{language}}} Device language in ISO 639-1 format
{{{latitude}}} Device latitude
{{{longitude}}} Device longitude
{{{max_duration}}} Publisher-requested maximum video duration
{{{min_duration}}} Publisher-requested minimum video duration
{{{os_version}}} Device OS version (for example, 10.0.1/9.2.0)
{{{placement_id}}} Identifier for publisher-side placement
{{{pub_app_market_id}}} Market ID of the publisher on the app store
{{{pub_app_name}}} Publisher app name
{{{pub_app_store_category}}} Publisher app category (from dashboard)
{{{pub_app_store_url}}} Publisher app store URL
{{{region}}} Device region
{{{screen_height}}} Device screen height
{{{screen_orientation}}} Based on width/height, one of [landscape, portrait]
{{{screen_width}}} Device screen width
{{{site_id}}} Vungle internal publisher app ID
{{{site_name}}} Publisher app name
{{{sk_campaign_id}}} SK Campaign ID used for this ad
{{{sound_enabled}}} Whether device is muted (true/false)
{{{timezone}}} Standard device timezone name
{{{trackable_device_id}}} Lowercase version of device ID, if 'do not track' is not enabled
{{{user_agent}}} Vungle SDK user agent (for example, VungleDroid/2.0.1)
{{{video_filename}}} Video file name of the delivered ad
{{{volume}}} Device volume at the time of request (a float between 0-1)

Macro Helpers

lowercase For example: {{{lowercase device_id}}}{{{lowercase aaid}}}
uppercase For example: {{{uppercase device_id}}}{{{uppercase ifa}}}

For additional parameters or assistance, contact 

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