Integrating ironSource + Vungle (Android)

Follow these instructions to quickly add our Android SDK into a sample application with ironSource set up as the main advertising mediation layer.

Before you get started…

  • If you haven't already done so, head over to our dashboard and add your app to your account. You need to do this so that you can get your App ID that you’ll be adding to your app with our SDK. It’s in red on your app’s page.

Now let's get started! Three steps will get us up and running:

1. Add Vungle to ironSource

  1. Once you are logged into ironSource, enable Vungle by navigating to the Video Mediation Network Setup section under Monetize, which is available in the top navigation bar.

    Figure 1. ironSource Network Setup page

  2. After selecting Vungle, add all of the required fields for ironSource Mediation as shown in Figures 2 and 3 below: Reporting API Key, App ID, and Reporting API ID. All of these fields are available on the Vungle Dashboard.

    Figure 2. Enter the Reporting API Key in the Account Settings page.

    Figure 3. Enter the App ID and the Reporting API ID on the App Settings page.

2. Add the ironSource Vungle Adapter to your App

  1. Download the latest adapter from ironSource here
  2. Add the vungleadapter-2.1.1.jar to the libs folder in our application


  • You may need to add the following line to the ‘dependencies’ section of your build.gradle
  • compile files('libs/vungleadapter-2.1.1.jar')

3. Add the Vungle SDK Dependencies

The VungleAdapter created by ironSource contains the Vungle SDK, so you don’t need to add this to your libs folder. You do, however, need to include some of its dependencies:  

  • dagger-[version]
  • javax.inject-[version]

These are available for download in the Vungle Dashboard as part of the Vungle Android SDK and can be added to the application by simply copying them under the app's libs/ directory.

Figure 4. The libs/ directory

And that’s it! With this integration complete, Vungle will be automatically added to the default ironSource waterfall rotation. All calls made to ironSource’s showRewardedVideo method will now consider Vungle when displaying ads. To manually control the priority settings of integrated networks in ironSource, navigate to the Management page in the Video Mediation category on the ironSource dashboard.

Please check out the ironSource Knowledge Center for more information and support on the ironSource + Vungle integration!

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