Getting Started with Vungle Cocos2d-x

For those developing with Cocos2d-x, Vungle has a plugin available in the Cocos2d-x SDKBOX.

Development instructions are maintained by Cocos2d-X (v3) and are available for the following languages:

Cocos2d-X (v2) documentation is also available. 


To get started, we recommend following their documented instructions for using SDKBOX plugins

NOTE: While your app is in Test mode, you will not be able to download any of the apps advertised. Additionally, the Dashboard will not report the number of impressions. This is because test ads are used only to verify that you have integrated the SDK correctly. This functionality becomes available once your app has gone live in active mode.

For any questions around Cocos2d-x please refer to the Cocos2d-x Discussion Center

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