A Quick Overview of the Vungle Publisher Dashboard

The Vungle Publisher dashboard has a number of great new features which will make adding your apps, managing your placements, and optimizing your revenue easier and simpler. Let's take a closer look.


Performance Across All of Your Apps - The Management View

The first thing you'll notice after logging in is that we have an entirely new home screen for you to view and measure performance across all of your apps at a high level, see what performance has been like recently and as far back as you like, and manage users and your account with just a couple clicks. 


The Vungle publisher dashboard Management View, the first thing you see when you login. All of the data for Views, DAU, Completes, Installs, Revenue, and eCPM are shown here, as well as platform and status of the app. 


To view data over the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or a custom date range, we've introduced a new button bar with the ability to set whatever date range you want, as far back as your data stretches:



Date selector with custom date range. Clicking "Select date range" reveals our custom date picker. Just pick a start and end date and we'll do the rest.


The left-most column of the view will tell you whether or not your app is receiving ads, or is still in test mode (receiving Vungle test ads).



Status column for all of your apps. Here, the app is in test mode, not receiving ads that generate revenue.


Looking across the top of the columns, you'll see the labels, in addition to carats next to each column title. These carats will let you sort the data in ascending or descending order, specific to the label you click. 


The arrows running along the top of each column label allow sorting of each respective column. In this figure, the "Views" column has been selected, and the arrow appears in black to indicate sorting along this column dimension.


Another thing to note in the above screenshot is that we've given you a quick and easy way to add any new apps to your account - by clicking the "Add New Application" hyperlink that will always be present at the top of the table. This will launch you into the "Create Application" view of our platform. We'll walk through that a little later (if you want to read more about it now, check out Publisher Applications - Setting Up).

You also may have noticed the icons to the far right of the account stage area and to the far right of each row in the table. These icons give you quick access to the Details of each app in your account. When you click them you'll be able to edit App store details, configurations, targeting, and daily view limits (see below).


 The icons boxed to the far right take you to the new Details view, which will give you metrics in the last 24 hours, as well as the ability to edit configuration and settings of apps.


Lastly, if you're one of our publishers who also runs user acquisition campaigns, we've made a quick and easy way to switch between your Publisher Apps and your Advertiser workflows. If you select the hamburger icon in the top left, you'll see a toggle that allows you to switch through both sides of your account, the Publisher and Advertiser side, so you can better manage the workflows unique to each side. 


The hamburger menu with Publisher and Advertiser toggle. If you are both an Advertiser and Publisher, use this to switch between both sides of your account.


That's a quick summary of the new look Vungle Publisher dashboard. Continue reading about:


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  • Advanced Publisher Application Settings
  • Publisher Reports
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