A Quick Overview of the Vungle Publisher Dashboard

The Vungle publisher dashboard is your control center for monetizing on the Vungle network. From here, you can add apps, create and manage your placements, and analyze data reports.


1. Log in & set up your details

  • Click here to log in or sign up if you don’t have a Vungle account yet.
  • Click the  menu in the upper right of the dashboard and select My Account.
  • Fill in your payment info and organization details.
  • Click Save.

2. Add your apps & placements

  • Click Add Application.
  • Select your app’s platform, name it, and locate it in the app store. You can still continue if your app isn’t live yet.
  • Select a placement type.
  • Customize your placement options such as skippability and end cards.
  • You can always add more apps and placements from the left-hand side navigation. Click on an app at any time to view its stats and edit its settings.

3. Integrate the Vungle SDK

  • Download the latest SDK.
  • Click the  menu in the upper right of the dashboard and select SDK Docs to view integration instructions.
  • You can also find integration guides here.

4. Go live & track your performance

  • Go live with your app in the app store (if you haven’t already).
  • Track your performance with dashboard reporting.



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