Dashboard Accounts - Users

With our release of the New Vungle Dashboard, we've added the feature of permissions and managing additional users. Read below for a walkthrough on how to add new users, how to delete users, and more.


Adding Users to Your Account

There are two opportunities to add users to your account - during signup and onboarding, and from within your Account Details view. 

During onboarding, after you confirm your email, you will see the following screen:


The onboarding modal that lets you choose what to do next as an Advertiser or Publisher.


If you choose to set up your account details, you will then see the following screen:


 The account details screen where you can add users, and additional account information.


If you look toward the bottom of the screen, you'll see an area where you can add users, with the header "Add Users". Click the radio button to reveal the fields for inviting users to your account. 


The add users flow. Once you add a name, email, and set access, you can submit and send invites to users.


Name, email, and access level are required fields. There are two kinds of access - read and write. If you give a user read privileges, they will not be able to make any changes to your account details. Write privileges let a user change and view everything.


If you need to change these settings later, you can navigate to your details view and click the edit icon (below).



Thanks for reading! If you need further assistance, send us an email at tech-support@vungle.com


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