Troubleshooting sandbox mode with iOS

When testing a new iOS app that is not yet live in the Apple App Store, you may get an error when you try to install an advertised application. This error occurs when you watch an ad within your new app, click on the endcard, and try to install the app in the ad. This last action is restricted and produces the following error message after you sign into your Apple account:

This error happens because apps that are not registered with the App Store run in sandbox mode. But an app must be approved in the Apple App Store before you can use StoreKit APIs, and this limitation interferes with the end-to-end testing of your new app until it goes live with Apple.

There are two ways to address this issue:

  • The first is to set up a sandbox account with Apple.These accounts are limited in functionality, but can be used to verify a correct StoreKit integration.

  • The second solution is to wait until your app is approved by the App Store, and then conduct your end-to-end testing. 
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