Integrating DoubleClick for Publishers + Vungle (Android) v.1.0 - v.4.1

Follow these instructions to quickly add our Android SDK into a sample application with DoubleClick for Publishers set up as the main advertising mediation layer.


Before You Begin

Follow the DFP Instructions

We'll be following the instructions provided by DFP here.

Set up SDK Mediation creatives in the DFP UI; refer to the article Add a new mobile creative for detailed instructions.*Note: make sure to use "SDK Mediation" as the creative type.

Add one or more line items with the "SDK Mediation" creative type.

Add the Google Mobile Ads SDK

  1. Download the Google Mobile Ads SDK 
    This has been deprecated and is now part of Google Play Services.

  2. Set up Google Play Services

Add the Vungle Adapter

  1. Download the Adapter.
  2. Make sure that you follow instructions for Interstitial Ads.

Vungle will now be in the DoubleClick waterfall, along with any other ad networks you choose. Now all you need to do is test the integration, submit the app, and go live by switching Vungle out of Test Mode!

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