Vungle Open RTB Integration


The Vungle exchange supports demand partners to access Vungle Applications supply through the IAB OpenRTB programmatic standard.

  • Vungle supports the OpenRTB 2.3.1 Standard
  • Vungle supports second-price auctions
  • Vungle's OpenRTB spec requires some fields that are optional
  • Vungle's inventory strictly consists of only Mobile Video In-App Impressions, which are full-screen 100% viewable interstitials

The following describes the typical flow of a bid request and response:

  1. Vungle SDK send an Ad Request to Vungle Exchange
  2. Vungle Exchange then constructs an OpenRTB bid request object to be sent to DSP's
  3. Vungle makes a HTTP POST request to all DSP partners endpoints
  4. Vungle runs their second price auction on all valid responses
  5. The winning bid's ad markup along with Win Notification are returned to the mobile device

Auction rules

  • Auction Timeout for Bid Request: 250ms
  • Auction Responses are parsed, including unwrapping of VAST Wrappers, to validate markup (see below)
  • The Win Notification (nurl) is fired from device only when the creative is rendered (first frame of video)

Ad markup SLAs

  • Duration: Up to 30s video
  • Minimum Video Quality: 250 kbps bitrate
  • Format: At least 1 media file in .mp4
  • Maximum of 2 VASTAdTagURI Redirects
  • Maximum payload size of 5MB

Bid request

The following table is a supported subset of the OpenRTB 2.3.1 Spec
Vungle will always try to pass all fields to DSP.

Vungle only supports OpenRTB Request/Responses in Content-Type: application/json

BidRequest id Vungle Unique Bid Request id
BidRequest at integer: 2 - Default second-priced auction
BidRequest tmax integer: 250 - Default auction timeout
imp id Vungle Unique Impression id
imp displaymanager string: "Vungle"
imp displaymanagerver string: Vungle SDK Version
imp instl integer: 1 - Default Insterstitials
imp bidfloor float: Vungle Campaign specified floor
imp bidfloorcur string: "USD" - Default
video mimes string: "video/mp4"
video minduration integer: min video duration
video maxduration integer: max video duration
video protocols integer: VAST 1.0/2.0 + Wrapper
video w integer: width of device screen
video h integer: height of device screen
video startdelay integer: 0 - None
video linearity integer: 1 - Linear
video minbitrate integer: 250 - Default
video maxbitrate integer: 2500 - Default
video boxingallowed integer array
video playbackmethod integer array
video delivery integer array
video pos integer: 7 - Default
app id Vungle App Id for Application
app name string: App Store Application Name
app bundle string: Application Package Name
app storeurl string: App Store URL
app cat string array: App IAB Category
app privacypolicy integer: based on app privacy setttings within Vungle
publisher id Vungle Account Id for Publisher
publisher name string: Publisher Account Name
publisher cat string array: Publisher IAB Category
device ua string: Browser User Agent (if available)
device dnt integer: Do Not Track setting from User Device
device lmt integer: Do Not Track setting from User Device
device ip string: IPv4 address from User Device
device devicetype integer: Phone type, typically smartphone or tablet
device model string: Phone model from iOS or Android frameworks
device os string: Device operating system
device osv string: Devier operating system version
device h string: Screen device height
device w string: Screen device width
device language string: Device language setting, 2 letter code
device ifa string: Device Advertiser Id
geo lat float: Device latitude coordinate
geo lon float: Device longitude coordinate
geo type integer: Location data source
geo country string: Two letter country code from IP
geo region string: Two letter region code from IP
user id string: Vungle Exchange user id
user gender string: Publisher supplied gender information
user yob integer: Publisher supplied age information

Bid response

Supported Ad Markup Formats:

  • VAST 1.0/2.0
  • VAST Wrapper 1.0/2.0

BidResponse adm field must contain: 1. Fully formed URL encoded VAST XML 2. URL to a resource that contains VAST XML

No Bid Handling methods: 1. HTTP 204 Response 2. Empty JSON Object 3. Response with nbr attribute filled in

Auction Caveats:

  • Vungle does not support multiple bids in a single response. If multiple bids are sent, only the first bid will be validated.
  • Vungle does not support sending in the ad markup through the BidResponse nurl field.
    Please don't do this.
BidResponse id yes string: Vungle BidRequest id echoed back in the response
BidResponse bidid recommended string: Bidder generated id for tracking
BidResponse cur no string: Vungle default is USD, others will be ignored
BidResponse nbr recommended integer: No bid reason defined by bidder
seatbid seat no string: Bidder defined seat id of the bid
bid id yes string: Bidder genereated id for tracking unique to bid
bid impid yes string: Vungle impressions id echoed back in the response
bid price yes float: Bid price for the impressions in CPM only
bid adid recommended string: Bidder defined id for the ad campaign
bid nurl recommended string: Win notice URL for bid, fired off from device
bid adm yes string: Ad markup VAST XML or URL that refers to VAST XML
bid adomain no string array: Advertiser domain
bid bundle no string: Package name of advertiser application
bid cid no string: Advertiser campaign name/id
bid crid no string: Advertiser creative name/id
bid cat no string array: IAB content category of creative
bid attr no integer array: Creative attributes

Bid examples

Request example:

  "id": "cdc-7c6d-4029-dcd|1337", // Globally unique ID to track the BidRequest from the beginning of the time.
  "imp": [
      "id": "5376606", // A unique ID used to track a single impression in Vungle
      "video":  {
        "mimes": [ "video/mp4" ],
        "minduration": 5,
        "maxduration": 30,
        "protocols": [ 1,2,4,5 ],
        "w": 1080,
        "h": 1920,
        "startdelay": 0,
        "linearity": 1,
        "minbitrate": 250,
        "maxbitrate": 2500,
        "boxingallowed": 1,
        "playbackmethod": [ 1,2 ],
        "delivery": [ 1,2 ],
        "pos": 7
      "displaymanager": "Vungle", 
      "displaymanagerver": "test-phone/3.3.1", // Vungle SDK version, e.g. Vungle/3.3.1
      "instl": 1, 
      "bidfloor": 15, // Number in CPM as specified in OpenRTB 2.3
      "bidfloorcur": "USD" 
  "app": {
    "id": "test-pub-app-id", // ID to uniquely identify a publisher application in Vungle.
    "name": "test-pub-app-name", // Name of the publisher app
    "bundle": "", // Package name
    "storeurl": "",
    "cat": [
    "privacypolicy": 1, 
    "publisher": {
      "id": "test-pub-app-id", // Vungle App Id
      "name": "test-pub-app-name", // Vungle App Name
      "cat": [
  "device": { 
    "ua": "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_4 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/12H141",
    "geo": { 
      "lat": 47.46,
      "lon": -122.16,
      "type": 1, 
      "country": "USA",
      "region": "WA"
    "dnt": 0,
    "lmt": 0,
    "ip": "",
    "devicetype": 1,
    "model": "iPhone 7,2",
    "os": "iOS",
    "osv": "8.0",
    "w": 1080,
    "h": 1920,
    "js": 1, 
    "language": "en",
    "ifa": "test-ifa"
  "user": {
    "id": "923123", 
    "gender": "F",
    "yob": 1985
  "at": 2, // Second price auction
  "tmax": 250 // Auction timeout

Response example:

  "id": "abc-123-456-xyz|1337", // Needs to be same as the bid request ID
  "bidid": "5508", // Bidder defined ID that will likely be used in macro substitution
  "cur": "USD", // Optional
  "seatbid": [
      "seat": "7735", // Bidder defined seat ID
      "bid": [
          "id": "5508", // Bidder bidid
          "impid": "lol-987-654-321", // Vungle Imp Id
          "price": 500, // Price in CPM
          "adid": "618", // Bidders Ad Id
          "nurl": "${AUCTION_PRICE}", // Win URL
          "adm": "${AUCTION_ID}" // Ad markup: plain HTTP URL or VAST 1.0/2.0.
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