Test Creatives With the Vungle Exchange Demo App

Use this article to get started with the Vungle Exchange DSP demo app. Use the demo app to:

  • Test your bid response: Test that your bid response is valid before pushing it to your bidder.
  • Test your creative ad markup: Select the ad format, and if your ad markup is valid, Vungle Exchange will render the creative.

Install the Demo App

  1. Download the app: Use your phone browser to download the DSP Demo App for Android or iOS. Select the most recent version of the app (highest version number, most recent date).


  2. For iOS only, trust the Vungle, Inc. certificate: In your iPhone Settings, select GeneralVPN & Device ManagementVungle, Inc.Trust “Vungle, Inc.”.


  3. Contact your Account Manager for a DSP Demo App key.

Demo App Features

Supported Ad Formats

  • rewarded video
  • interstitial video
  • banner
  • MREC
  • native

Publisher Settings Enabled in the Demo App

The publisher settings in the demo app are enabled for the list shown below. The DSP must simply follow the correct bid response specification. Contact your Account Manager for the relevant spec.

  • Fullscreen clickable
  • SKOverlay
  • SK Product View
  • VX Endcard
  • Triple Page
  • Persistent CTA
  • Video close button appears after 6 seconds on interstitial placements
  • Endcard close button appears after 5 seconds
  • Liftoff Privacy icon

Supported Ad Markup and Protocol

The Vungle Exchange supports VAST, MRAID and HTML creatives. Refer to the HTML & MRAID Creative Submission Guidelines and VAST Integration Guide for more details.

When pasting your bid response or ad markup into the demo app, either use code block, or paste from a saved TXT file. Pasting from email or a messaging app may cause formatting errors.

GDPR and CCPA in the Demo App

We set GDPR and CCPA to opt_out. Most of the DSP demo app request body fields are hard-coded. We follow OpenRTB 2.5 protocol and the request body has been minified. All optional privacy information has been removed from the request body.

AdMarkup Only Mode

Toggle on AdMarkup Only mode within the test app by clicking on the settings gear in the upper right corner of the app. When using AdMarkup Only mode, you don't need to test a full bid response. Instead, you can simply paste in the ad markup you want to test. Make sure the ad markup is escaped before testing in the test app.

Not Supported in the Demo App

SKAdnetwork attribution for iOS: the demo app does not include any SKAdNetwork IDs in plist.


Untrusted Enterprise Developer

If your iOS device throws this error, follow Step 2 in Install the Demo App to trust the Vungle, Inc. certificate.

20024: Demo App DSP Key Not Valid

Error message 24: NSR: NO_SERV_DEMO_APP_DSP_KEY_FAILURE means that you do not have a valid Demo App DSP key. Contact your Account Manager for a key.

30007: Please Contact Us

For this error code, please contact your account manager.

Invalid Bid Response or Unexpected Ad Appearance

If you encounter other errors, ensure that your bid response and ad markup have proper format. Code formatting errors can occur if the syntax was pasted into the demo app directly from email or a messaging app instead of using code block or pasting from a saved TXT file.



Need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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