Native Ads: Flex Feed Ads

Native ads enable Publishers to display ads without interrupting their users' experience with their app. With native ads, the user is still able to play and interact with the app while the ad is playing. Native ads render Vungle Dynamic Templates to ensure we fill the space provided, and are available in two formats: Flex Feed ads and Flex View ads. This article describes Flex Feed ads. 

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About Native Ads

Full-screen ads take up the entire device screen and interrupt the user experience; native ads offer a more flexible alternative. Vungle developed native ads to provide Publishers with a view container which we fill with a Dynamic Template. These ads only consume part of the screen, enabling the user to continue engaging with their app. Native ads therefore give Publishers more freedom to display ads in their apps with minimal interruption to the user experience.

About Flex Feed Ads

The Flex Feed format renders Vungle video ads within your app's feed, leveraging our dynamic templates. These ads are not only aimed at apps with feeds, but can also be placed in games, where the user can continue to manipulate the game on top of the screen as the ad displays below. Flex Feed ads are flexible and customizable, giving the Publisher a lot of control.


Flex Feed ads are available with Vungle SDK 5 for iOS and Windows. Flex Feed ads are not available for Android.


  • Process: Publisher sends Vungle an ad container, or webview; we run some minor verifications on the container and then we fill it with an ad.

  • Configuration: The choices of size are almost infinite (with some restrictions to allow us to render a video within the container). Consult your account executive for more details on container sizing.

  • Control: The Publisher, not the user, controls the closing of the ad. The video loops until the Publisher closes the ad container. There is no 'X' button configuration for the Flex Feed ad format.

Integrating Flex Feed Ads

Integrating Flex Feed ads is addressed in the integration steps for each platform:

Setting Up Flex Feed Ads on the Vungle Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Vungle Dashboard.

  2. Create a Placement per the placement setup instructions
    Set Placement Type = 'Flex Feed'.

Limitations of Flex Feed Ads 

  • Flex Feed ads are not supported by mediation adapters.
  • Flex Feed ads do not work with plugins.
  • Contact your Vungle Account Executive for container size limitations.
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