Native Ads: Flex View Ads

Native ads enable Publishers to display ads without interrupting their users' experience with their app. With native ads, the user is still able to play and interact with the app while the ad is playing. Native ads render Vungle Dynamic Templates to ensure we fill the space provided, and are available in two formats: Flex View ads and Flex Feed ads. This article describes Flex View ads. 

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About Native Ads

Full-screen ads take up the entire device screen and interrupt the user experience; native ads offer a more flexible alternative. Vungle developed native ads to provide Publishers with a view container which we fill with a Dynamic Template. These ads only consume part of the screen, enabling the user to continue engaging with their app. Native ads therefore give Publishers more freedom to display ads in their apps with minimal interruption to the user experience.

About Flex View Ads

The Flex View format is a higher-performing alternative to traditional display banner ads. It supports video ads in a larger container than banners, while still leaving screen space for the user to interact with the app. Our Flex View ads maintain a 16:9 ratio of the container with respect to the width of the device’s screen.


Flex View ads are available with Vungle SDK v5 for iOS and Android. For Windows, Flex View functionality is available from the Flex Feed format.


  • Position: These ads are anchored to the bottom of the screen in portrait mode, or to the right of the screen in landscape mode. The ad locks the width of the screen and maintains a 16x9 ratio, taking up about ⅓ of the screen.

  • Control: Starting with Vungle SDK 5.3.2, the Publisher has two controls to close the ad: timeout and API. In Vungle SDK 5.3.1 and lower, the Publisher cannot control when the ad closes; the default behavior is that only the user closes the ad. The ad animates upward, and the user must click the X button to close the ad; otherwise, the endcard continues to display. 


Integrating Flex View Ads

Integrating Flex View ads is addressed in the integration steps for each platform, plugin, or mediation adapter:




Mediation Adapters


Setting Up Flex View Ads on the Vungle Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Vungle Dashboard.

  2. Create a Placement per the placement setup instructions
    Set Placement Type = 'Flex View'.

  3. Confirm Publisher Level Settings:

    1. Advanced Settings: Confirm that Allowed Ad Types = 'All ads'.

    2. Template Whitelist: Confirm that all native ad templates are in the list.

    3. Supported Template Types: Confirm that single_page_flexview and multi_page_flexview are in the list.


Limitations of Flex View Ads

  • Flex View ads integrate alongside interstitials and are not mediated against traditional 300x50 banners.
  • For Unity: the user can't continue to play on the screen when the ad displays.
  • For MoPub: Interstitial placements only, not banner.
  • For MoPub with Unity: On Android only, users can only interact with the ad and the game is paused.
  • AdMob: Interstitial placements only, not banner.
  • AdMob with Unity: On Android only, users can only interact with the ad and the game is paused. 
  • ironSource: Interstitial placements only, not banner.
  • Fyber: Interstitial placements only, not banner.
  • HeyZap: Interstitial placements only, not banner.


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