Use multi-bidding to specify how much you're willing to bid by publisher or by any publisher/country combination, or to specify country-level default bids.

You can easily upload multiple custom bids simultaneously through a single CSV file, simply adding or removing multi-bidding rows. You can edit existing bids, create new ones, or remove publisher or country bids. With full bidding granularity, you can bid smarter for higher ROAS, using fewer campaigns.



To use multi-bidding:

  1. Log into the Advertiser Dashboard.
  2. Select an existing campaign and go to its Bidding section.
  3. Click on Download Example CSV
  4. Update the CSV with any of the following combinations:
    • publisher app ID and bid rate
    • publisher app ID, country (geo), and bid rate
    • geo and bid rate — use an asterisk (*) in the publisher app ID column to set this as the country default bid. 
  5. Save your CSV file.
  6. Drag and drop your CSV file or click "browse"  
  7. Click on any bid to edit it or easily add/delete a single row or bulk delete.
  8. Click Review to review your campaign summary, or click Continue
  9. Click Save & Activate to activate the campaign.


  • File must be in .csv format.
  • Vungle Publisher App ID must be correct; Name does not.
  • Campaigns support up to 100,000 publisher bids at a time.
  • Safari is not supported at this time.


For more information, watch these multi-bidding videos:

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