Multi-bidding lets advertisers set how much they’re willing to bid on a per publisher basis. Multiple custom bids can be uploaded simultaneously through a single CSV file. Edit existing bids, create new ones, or delete outdated ones. With full transparency of publisher rates, you can bid smarter for higher ROAS.


  • Log into your advertiser self-serve platform.
  • Select any campaign and go to its Bidding section.
  • Click on Download CSV Example.
  • Update the example CSV with your publishers and rates.
  • Save your CSV file.


  • Click Upload CSV File. Select your new CSV file.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to Multi-bidding to make edits.
  • Click on any bid to edit it. After making an edit, scroll to the bottom of the window and click Looks Good. Then click Review to review your campaign summary, or click Continue
  • Click Save & Activate to activate the campaign.




  • File must be in .csv format.
  • Vungle Publisher App ID must be correct — name does not.
  • Campaigns support up to 1,000 publisher bids at a time.
  • Publishers can only be added or removed through CSV upload.
  • Sorry, Safari is not supported at this time.
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