For our self-serve customers who do not have a dedicated Account Manager, we require a $5,000 minimum prepayment. 

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding payment:

  • Why was my campaign paused? 
    • It’s possible that the remaining budget has fallen below 5%. Campaigns will be paused to avoid over-delivering impressions to your campaigns. To reactivate your campaign, please add additional funds to your account.
  • Is it possible to prepay an amount lower than $5,000?
    • Unfortunately, we cannot currently accommodate lower prepay amounts. However, we will refund any unused budget. 
  • I don’t plan on running campaigns with Vungle anymore. How do I get refunded for an unused budget?

Please e-mail and include your Account Name to let us know that you would like to get refunded. Our Accounting Team will refund all remaining funds.

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