Approval Process for Creatives and Playable Assets

All Creatives added to the Liftoff Direct network are reviewed to ensure correct formatting as well as content safety. Normally, it will take approximately 1 business day to approve a new creative. Playable Assets must also be approved before they can be added to a Creative.

This article describes Liftoff's approval criteria and review process of creatives and playable assets. The process depends on the type of creative or playable asset you're submitting. 

Creative Approval Criteria and Reasons for Rejections

Creative must be relevant, appropriate, and accurate to the company, product, service, or brand that it is advertising.


Creative must be in the correct format for Liftoff required dimensions

  • Assets (videos and images)  are blurry, cut off, broken, or using the wrong orientation.
  • Refer to our Creative Asset Requirements article.


Content must be appropriate by Liftoff requirements. 

Possible reasons for rejection are excessive depictions of:

  • Drugs and alcohol use
  • Adult content
  • Profanity
  • Violence and gore

Prohibited content includes:

  • Illegal products or services
  • Discriminatory practices or depictions
  • Sale or use of drugs or drug-related products
  • Third-party infringement

Creative Reviews

All Creatives must be approved. When you build a new Creative, Liftoff must review it before you can run it in ads. When Liftoff reviews it, the Assets used in the Creative are reviewed during that time. (There is an extra step for Creatives containing Playable Assets: when you upload a new Playable Asset, an extra review step is required before you can use it in any Creative. Refer to Asset Reviews below.)

When you build a new Creative in the Creative Manager, its status is automatically set to Inactive (Pending) until it is reviewed, even if your new Creative consists of Assets that are already being used in other, live Creatives.

Creative Status

The Creatives tab of the Liftoff Direct Dashboard displays a list of the Creatives you have built. A dot to the left of each Creative name displays its status (green = active; red = inactive). You can also filter the Creatives list by Status, as shown below.


Hovering over a red (inactive) dot next to a Creative displays more information about its inactive status: whether the Creative is inactive because it is still pending review, or because it has been rejected. 

Asset Reviews

Assets are the building blocks of creatives. An asset can be an image (JPG, PNG, or GIF), a video (MP4), or a Playable Asset (ZIP file containing the endcard). You can upload most assets without any approval process; image and video assets are not reviewed until you use them in a Creative. The exception is Playable Assets.

Playable Assets, which are currently only available to pre-approved advertisers (contact your account manager for approval), require an extra step; submitting a new Playable Asset triggers an asset review. A Playable Asset must be approved on its own before it can be used in a Creative. You can reduce the review process by doing QA on your playable assets yourself, using Liftoff's Creative Verifier app.

After you have successfully uploaded a Playable asset, it is automatically assigned Pending status. You can check on Asset status in the Assets tab of the Liftoff Direct Dashboard.

Asset Status

The Assets tab of the Liftoff Direct Dashboard (currently only available to advertisers who have been pre-approved for Playable Assets; contact your account manager for approval) displays a list of the assets you have uploaded. The second column in the list is the Status. You can also filter the Assets list by Status, as shown below.


  • Pending Review: Asset has been uploaded successfully and is awaiting Liftoff's internal review. The person who uploaded the asset receives an email from Liftoff that the asset is being reviewed.
  • Under Visual QA: This is the first step of the review cycle, and applies only to Playable Assets.
  • Under Full QA: This is the second (and, if all goes smoothly, last) step in the review cycle. It applies only to Playable Assets. Here the Playable Asset is reviewed for functionality on a mobile device.
  • Needs Attention: This status may be assigned after the Visual QA or the Full QA review of a Playable Asset. It means that the Playable Asset has a problem or requires your feedback before Liftoff can proceed to set the asset active.

    The person who uploaded the asset will be notified by email when an asset needs attention, and then notified a second time if some time has passed without the issue being addressed. Depending on the problem, you may be asked to submit a new replacement file, in which case the review cycle restarts and the asset is set to “Pending Review.”
  • Active: The asset is ready for you to use freely in Adaptive Creatives. The person who uploaded the asset receives an email from Liftoff that the asset is now active.

Asset Review History

For Playable Assets only you can view an asset's journey through the review process by clicking Review History. Recall that Playables--and therefore the Asset Review History page--are currently only available to pre-approved advertisers; contact your account manager for approval.


The Review History displays details about each status that this asset has been assigned.


You can interact with the Liftoff Asset Review Team by entering a message when an asset needs attention, as shown below.



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