SKAdNetwork Reporting API

This new API method enables advertisers to call the Vungle API and fetch a complete record of all of the Apple SKAdNetwork conversion postbacks that Vungle has received for their campaigns. The API is for client reporting, and can also be shared with MMP partners for aggregated reporting within their platforms.

Key points:

  • Data availability: SKAdNetwork postback data is available as soon as Vungle servers receive the data sent by Apple.
  • SKAdNetwork campaign mapping: The campaign IDs within these requests are the SKAdNetwork campaign IDs and must be mapped to Vungle campaign IDs to reconcile with the reporting and performance metrics in the Vungle Dashboard and in MMP dashboards.
  • Parameters in postbacks: The API response detailed below includes the SKAdNetwork postbacks with parameters exactly as defined by and sent by Apple. The Vungle API passes these parameters just as we receive them, with no changes.


SKAdNetwork Reporting Method



Request Example

All request parameters are required:

curl --compressed -H 'Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip' -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer a_valid_api_token' ''

Response Format Example

    "version": "2",
    "transaction-id": "4e4b0c3f-9479-455d-9bec-4bcdd10002ba",
    "app-id": 525463029,
    "campaign-id": 44,
    "ad-network-id": "com.example",
    "source-app-id": 1234567891,
    "redownload": true,
    "conversion-value": 20,
    "attribution-signature": "MDYCGQCsQ4y8d4BlYU9b8Qb9BPWPi+ixk/OiRysCGQDZZ8fpJnuqs9my8iSQVbJO/oU1AXUROYU=",
    "vungle_app_id": "5727cbb4630ae51d400000cf",
    "vungle_campaign_id": "5c6e163797dc95000149cffb",
    "vungle_creative_id": "5c6e1637f2f3de0001a8212f"
  // ...

Response Parameter Definitions

Parameter Name Format Definition
version integer Indicates SKAdNetwork version generating postback. Expect to equal “2”
transaction-id string A unique value for this validation; use for deduplicating install validation messages.
app-id string The app store ID of the installed app.
campaign-id string The SKAdNetwork campaign ID (0-100) that maps to a Vungle campaign ID.
ad-network-id string Vungle’s SKAdNetwork ad network ID.
source-app-id string The app store ID of the app where the ad that drove install was show. Subject to Apple’s privacy threshold.
redownload boolean Boolean indicator for whether download was for an app previously downloaded for user’s Apple ID. true or false. true = redownload.
conversion-value string A string representing advertiser configured post install conversion event values sent to Apple.
attribution-signature string Apple’s attribution signature for verification.


Response data can be filtered by the following parameters:

  • app_id
  • start (required)
  • end (required)

Refer to the request example above for syntax.

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