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Starting with Vungle Windows SDK 5.1.0+, Vungle supports MREC video ads. MREC is an abbreviation for "medium rectangle" ads. Unlike interstitial ads, MREC ads do not require a fullscreen view. Similar to banner ads, MREC video ads are rectangular ads occupying a location anywhere within the app's layout, typically displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, so that the user can continue to interact with the app while the ad is playing. The container size to render an MREC ad is the industry standard: 300x250.

VungleAdControl achieves video ads in MREC formats by passing a custom container to the Vungle SDK through the AdConfig.AdContainer property and managing the content of Container.Content of the host app.

MREC Ad Requirements

  • Windows SDK 5.1.0+
  • Windows 10 UWP
  • MREC placement configured on Liftoff Monetize dashboard
  • VungleAdControl with width 300 and height 250


Vungle MREC creatives are optimized to play in viewing container with size of 300 x 250. Make sure the viewing size in VungleAdContrl is no smaller than 300 in width and 250 in height.


<UI:VungleAdControl x:Name="embeddedControl" 
    Height="250" />

Step 1. Complete Basic Integration

To integrate MREC ads in your Windows app, begin by following the instructions in the basic integration article. This article contains supplementary information and assumes you have completed basic integration.

Step 2. Load, Play, and Close an MREC Ad

Load an MREC Ad

Loading a MREC ad using a MREC placement is identical as loading a full-screen ad.



Play an MREC Ad

Playing an ad using VungleAdControl requires you to pass AppID, Placements, and Placement. You can also configure MREC ads to start playing as muted by setting SoundEnabled to false.

Parameter Description
AppID Application ID must identical
Placement Placement reference ID for your MREC
SoundEnabled Set to false to start playing muted (optional, default is true)


embeddedControl.AppID = "VUNGLE_APP_ID";
embeddedControl.Placement = "MREC_PLACEMENT_REFERENCE_ID";
embeddedControl.SoundEnabled = false; // Optional (default = true)

await embeddedControl.PlayAdAsync();

Stop Displaying an MREC Ad

You can use StopBannerAd to stop displaying an MREC ad at anytime.



Alternative: Simple MREC Integration Using XAML

VungleAdControl provides a simpler way to integrate MREC ads if you don't need event listeners, or to control the timing of ad load. Once the SDK is initialized, it will load an MREC ad automatically, and you can issue PlayAdAsync once the ad assets complete downloading.


<UI:VungleAdControl x:Name="embeddedControl" 
    SoundEnabled="False" />


await embeddedControl.PlayAdAsync();



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