Device Targeting for Android, Windows, and Amazon Devices

Android, Windows, and Amazon application campaigns provide a device targeting feature. Use it by adding a list of devices to the Vungle Advertiser Platform. You can then configure your campaign either to allow only those devices in your list, or to deny the devices in your list.

Note: Use this feature with caution; severe limitations can have a great impact on your campaign. Refer to the Best Practices section below.

Turn on Device Targeting

To target or deny a list of device models:


  1. Download the entire list of devices. We provide a downloadable CSV file containing all makes and models of Android, Amazon, or Windows devices. In the Advertiser Dashboard, navigate to the Campaigns section's Targeting page, and in the Device Targeting section click Download full list of devices, as shown in the image above.
    Note that the Android Device list contains more than 24,000 makes and models.
  2. Develop your list. Edit the downloaded CSV file to include only the devices you wish to allow or deny.
    Save your finalized list of devices as a CSV.
  3. Upload your list. Navigate to the Campaigns section's Targeting page, and in the Device Targeting section, click on the Upload CSV File graphic.
  4. Inspect the upload. After your CSV upload is processed, the number of models included is displayed, and you can optionally inspect the list by clicking on the view icon (EyeIcon.png) next to the model count.
  5. Specify how to treat the list. The default selection is Do not target specific devices, meaning that device targeting is turned off.
    • To to turn on targeting, by targeting only the devices in your list, select Allow instead.
    • To turn on targeting, by excluding the devices in your list from your campaign, select Deny.

Best Practices

Device targeting can greatly restrict the scale of your campaign. When designing a list of devices to either target or exclude from your campaign, make sure that you are targeting enough active devices to meet your goals. In some cases, it makes more sense to target using retail prices or other parameters. Please contact your account manager for help planning your targeting.

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