How do I merge conflicts manually in back_up_rules.xml between Vungle and AppsFlyer(Android)

If using Vungle Android SDK versions below 6.10.X (Not including 6.10.x) and AppsFlyer SDK to compile, the following problems will occur:

> Manifest merger failed : Attribute application@fullBackupContent value=(@xml/appsflyer_backup_rules) from [] AndroidManifest.xml:14:18-73
  	is also present at [:com.vungle.publisher-sdk-android-6.7.0:] AndroidManifest.xml:6:16-67 value=(@xml/vungle_backup_rule).
  	Suggestion: add 'tools:replace="android:fullBackupContent"' to <application> element at AndroidManifest.xml:5:3-59:17 to override.

This issue is fixed in Vungle Android SDK 6.10.x (6.10.x is available as early access). In view of the current situation, we provide a solution:

  • Create a backup_rule.xml file in the res/xml directory of the project. If the directory does not exist, you can create one yourself.
  • Add the following content in the backup_rule.xml file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<exclude domain="file" path="vungle" />
<exclude domain="file" path="vungle_cache" />
<exclude domain="external" path="vungle_cache" />
<exclude domain="database" path="vungle_db" />
<exclude domain="sharedpref" path="com.vungle.sdk.xml" />
  • Add the following two tags in the Androidmanifest.xml file



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