Understand Adaptive Creative

Adaptive Creative essentially (and most commonly) refers to a video asset paired with a Playable endcard, whose ad logic is enhanced by a Liftoff-provided technology wrapper. Adaptive Creative is the primary ad delivery mechanism that Liftoff Direct uses to display creatives across our different SDK platforms.

Introduction to Adaptive Creative

Adaptive Creative was designed to separate out Liftoff ad logic from the creative. A creative sits as its own entity, separate from the consistent ad logic (for example, the AC Wrapper) that you would normally find across all ads, such as the close button, timer, and the video progress bar.


Separating these two elements allows the ad package to work seamlessly across all SDK platforms. It also opens up opportunities for customization on the fly.


android-ac-ad.png windows-ac-ad.png




How Adaptive Creative Works

Adaptive Creative (also referred to as ‘AC’), is a front-end web framework built in Javascript, HTML and CSS. It utilizes the industry-standard MRAID format, with the ability to automatically incorporate advertiser and publisher preferences to adapt the visual experience delivered to an end-user.


Publisher and Advertiser Customization

The Liftoff Direct Dashboard provides settings (made available to Publishers and Advertisers) to customize the overall look and feel of the ad experience.

These settings, which are also referenced as tokens, allow an Adaptive Creative to be customized by the publisher/advertiser in these ways:

  • Close button timer

  • Ad duration

  • Visibility of elements on the screen (such as the video progress bar, close button timer, full-screen clickable element, video, etc.)

  • App Store experience (ASOI, StoreKit, SKOverlay)


Diagram: One Creative can appear differently to different publishers based on their chosen publisher settings

User Experience With Adaptive Creative

Adaptive Creative is able to listen to commands sent from the Liftoff SDK, and can dynamically customize the ad to achieve a better user experience for the user.

Pausing and Resuming Ads


If a user closes the publisher app during the video or gameplay, Adaptive Creative has the ability to pause the audio/video/interactive experience automatically. When a user returns to the ad experience, the content resumes in the same state as when it was initially paused.

App Store on Interaction (ASOI)


ASOI (also known as App Store on Interaction) is a feature integrated within Adaptive Creative to correctly trigger the call-to-action events, which are then aligned with Publisher settings based on different states. To illustrate, the ASOI user flow could be as follows:

At a specific state within the ad experience, which could be one of the following:

  • When the user has interacted a certain number of times.
  • When the user has consumed a significant duration of the ad, for example:
      • Completed a playable game (we send a ‘complete’ event as a milestone).
      • Browsed through the majority of the content on a carousel.

For more information on ASOI, refer to our Call the Liftoff SDK and ASOI article.

Full-Screen Adaptive Creatives

Currently, Adaptive Creative serves ‘full-screen interstitial’ ads. However, on larger screens (such as iPad, Windows etc.), the ads may not appear ‘full-screen’ in relation to the size of the device screen.

In fact, ‘full-screen’ is in relation to the content within the publisher app. For example, a full-screen ad will be take up the entire content area of the publisher app, but that app can be resized (or be smaller) than the actual device screen.


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