How Adaptive Creative Works




Adaptive Creative is a front-end web framework built in Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Adaptive Creative was designed to separate out Vungle ad logic from the creative. A creative sits as its own entity, separate from the consistent ad logic (e.g. AC Wrapper) that you would normally find across all ads, such as the close button, timer and the video progress bar. By separating these two elements, this allows the ad package to work seamlessly across all SDK platforms. It also opens up opportunities for customisation on the fly.

Publisher & Advertiser Customisation

The Vungle Dashboard provides settings (made available to Publishers and Advertisers) to customise the overall look and feel of the ad experience.

These settings, which are also referenced as tokens, allow an Adaptive Creative to be customised by the publisher/advertiser in the current ways:

  • Close button timer

  • Ad duration

  • Visibility of elements on the screen (such as the video progress bar, close button timer, full-screen clickable element, video, etc.)

  • App Store experience (ASOI, StoreKit, SKOverlay)


Diagram: One Creative can appear differently to different publishers based on their chosen publisher settings

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