Publisher Ad Customization

The Liftoff Monetize Dashboard provides publishers with several customizable settings that change the overall look and feel of the ad experience.


These settings, which are also referenced as tokens, allow an Adaptive Creative to be customised by the publisher in the current ways:

  • Close button timer

  • Ad duration

  • Visibility of elements on the screen (such as the video progress bar, close button timer, full-screen clickable element, video, etc.)

  • App Store experience (ASOI, StoreKit, SKOverlay)



Each publisher has their own set of requirements for how they prefer to present an ad inside their app. From our experience, these can be based on

  • type of app (gaming, utilities, etc.)
  • type of user that uses that app
  • placement type (e.g. rewarded, interstitial)

To illustrate this point, some publishers allow a user to skip part of the video after 5 seconds, whereas others force 100% of the video to be viewed.

In the past, these publisher options were compiled with the creative in the code, which resulted in Liftoff needing to make multiple variants of the same creative; each variant had a small change to cater to the publisher's options: 5-second close timer, 10 seconds, and so on.

Now, with Adaptive Creative, we can use tokens to customize elements of an ad. This reduces the number of variants that need to be compiled. Tokens can be customized by different users through the Self-serve Dashboard; and these can be changed by Publishers, Advertisers or directly at the placement level.

When a token setting is changed on the Dashboard, it is reflected in the ad experience by the user.


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