Target CPI

Understand Target CPI

Target CPI is a new rate type in which you, the advertiser, set the goal Cost per Install for a given campaign. With Target CPI, the CPM bid price is automatically adjusted based on the predicted conversion rate for each impression.

This is different from traditional CPM bidding, where the CPM is a static price for all impressions within a campaign. For Target CPI, there is a unique CPM price for each impression.

We strongly recommend this bidding type for iOS campaigns that primarily attribute on SKAdNetwork postbacks, in replacement of the traditional CPI.

How Target CPI Works

You can input a Target CPI at the campaign level, as well as at the pub level, geo level, and pub-geo level. The following chart illustrates how this functionality will work.

Impression  Publisher App  Install Probability  tCPI  Impression Price
1 Pub A 1.00% $5 $0.05
2 Pub A 0.50% $5 $0.025
3 Pub B 0.10% $10 $0.01
4 Pub B 1.50% $10 $0.15

Important notes:

  • You can set a different tCPI on a publisher and geo basis.
  • Our system will predict the install probability on an impression level.
  • Every impression within a publisher will have a different impression price.
  • Advertisers will be billed on the impression price set by Liftoff.

Enable Target CPI

To enable this new feature, select Target CPI as the Bid Type and insert the campaign-level Target CPI. You can input multi-bidding Target CPI as well.


Reasons to Leverage Target CPI

Liftoff has done extensive testing on different billing models, and has determined that for iOS campaigns, this model enables advertisers to maintain campaign performance and bid effectively for users despite missing information or delays from SKAdNetwork postbacks. As opposed to static CPM billing, Target CPI will be a more intelligent way of bidding, because pricing is determined at the impression level rather than the campaign level. This is better aligned with the data privacy changes Apple is proposing.

With Apple’s data privacy policy starting on iOS 14.5, Target CPI will be the primary bid type recommended for SKAdNetwork campaigns. Other bid types that are not tied to the install are also allowed (for example, CPM and CPC). Note that Target CPI model is primarily recommended for iOS campaigns where billing and reporting is based on SKAdNetwork attribution.

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