Recommendations for Launching a New Campaign

Follow our recommendations to achieve best results when launching a new campaign. The campaign exploration phase is a unique time to collect data about which impressions are the best buy.


We recommend including no more than six to eight creatives in your new campaign. Among those, ensure variety: choose creatives with different video links, varying screen orientations, and so forth. Variety helps you gauge which creatives perform best. From our experience, the top performers are videos with 30-45 second duration and a playable endcard.


To take full advantage of the exploration phase, launch your campaign with an aggressive bid. We recommend bidding 25-30% higher than the bids you are running elsewhere. During the exploration phase, your campaign is allotted additional impressions to help with exploration. By bidding 25-30% higher than your average bid, you can take advantage of the increased impressions at a higher bid. This enables you to build a strong installs per mille (IPM), which will help you sustain performance after the exploration period.

Daily Budget Caps

We recommend a daily budget cap between $750 and $1000. This cap provides our algorithm the room it needs to collect enough data to identify strong converting sources.


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