Reports: Analyze and Export Your Data

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Use the Reports tab to examine the performance of your campaigns and creatives, slicing and dicing data as you wish on any level for the last six months. The main Reports page displays your total impressions, clicks, installs, and spend for the last seven days. Beneath it is a list of your apps and campaigns. reports1.png


Above the metrics, you can select whether to view data for either campaigns or creatives. You can then view data for all your campaigns or creatives, or find a specific campaign or creative using the Search box. Select a date range and up to two metrics for your report.

You can view the performance of your entire Account, or drill down further to the Platform, Country, Application, Campaign, Country, and Publisher Application level. You can easily export your data and use it to inform your Country, Publisher Application, and Multi-bidding targeting changes via the Campaign editor.

Note that the time zone is based on UTC and reports for the “today” option may be incomplete before 23:59:59 UTC.


  • In addition to Date, Country, and Platform, we added Application, Campaign, Creative, and Publisher Application, giving you the ability to view as data as granular as you wish across your account.
  • By default, we show data for the last seven days, but it can easily be changed.
  • As you customize your filters, the data in the chart and table will change.
  • Filters reset after the you navigate away from the page.


  • Export by Application, Campaign, Country, Creative, Date, Platform, and Publisher Application.
  • Selecting one dimension downloads a CSV file immediately to your computer.
  • Selecting two or more dimensions sends a zipped file to your email.


  • You can add up to 10 chart metrics at a time in the tabs. Drag and drop to determine tab order or remove/add as you please. This is cached to your web browser, so it only needs to be set up once as long as you keep your cookies.
  • View graph by day, week, month
  • Compare up to five things in the same category: Application, Campaign, Country, Creative, Platform, Publisher Application


  • You can view data by Application, Campaign, Country, Creative, Date, Platform, Publisher Application.
  • This is cached to your web browser, so it only needs to be set up once as long as you keep your cookies. 
  • A “Total” row also sits at the top of the table.
  • You can add as many columns as you wish to the table, which are all sortable. Drag and drop to determine any order in the table.
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