My Account: Details, Funds, and Payments

Edit your account settings at, or select My Account from the drop menu in the top right corner.


Account Types: Pre-Pay and Post-Pay

Vungle has two budget types for an account: pre-pay and post-pay. All new users start with pre-pay on our advertiser platform.

  • Pre-pay: For pre-pay accounts (new users) you can add funds by editing Available Funds and adding a new payment option (instructions below).

  • Post-pay: Post-pay accounts are a billed payment option; contact your account team to arrange the details.

Add Funds to Your Pre-Pay Account

In the My Account page, click Add More Funds. Enter your payment details.


  • Payment Type: Credit card / Alipay
  • Amount: For our self-serve customers who do not have a dedicated Account Manager, we require a $5,000 minimum prepayment.
  • Credit Card: Enter your credit card information.
  • Billing Country

Make sure your payment information is correct and complete, and click Process Payment.


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