Vungle Exchange OpenRTB 2.5 HTML, MRAID, and VAST Protocols

This article contains high-level guidelines for submitting ads using HTML, MRAID, and VAST protocols.


HTML ads include all non-full screen ads, such as banners and MRECs, as well companion ads (endcards). For more information about endcards, refer to Vungle Exchange OpenRTB 2.5 EndCard Integration.

HTML Ad Markup

Ad markup can take these forms:

  • HTML full documents
  • Snippets of JavaScript code
  • Snippets of HTML code

Creative File Types

Creative file types can include:

  • PNG
  • GIF (animated GIFs will be displayed as static images)
  • Video

For more information, refer to the Vungle Exchange OpenRTB 2.5 Integration Guide's Banner Object section.


As a bidder, you can target Liftoff Monetize full screen video inventory (this includes full screen interstitial videos and full screen rewarded videos) by using MRAID playables. For full screen MRAID ads, the Liftoff Monetize SDK supports the following ad experiences:

  • Playable without video MRAID 2.0
  • Static MRAID 2.0

For more information about MRAID 2.0, refer to our MRAID Creatives Submission Guidelines for DSPs.


Inventory that supports VAST will pass the object in the bid request.

  • Vungle Exchange supports VAST 2.0 and 3.0.
  • VAST InLine and Wrapper
  • Full screen (interstitial and rewarded) placements only

We do not support the VPAID format. We encourage all DSP partners to run endcards to increase performance.

Video Ad Sizes

  • Fullscreen only
  • 320×480
  • 480×320
  • 1024×768
  • 768×1024

Video MIME Types

We support the following video MIME types:

  • Android: video/mp4
  • iOS: video/mp4

We do not support MOV and Flash.

Endcards (CompanionAds)

VAST-capable inventory supports companion ads, or endcards. To learn more about endcards, refer to Vungle Exchange OpenRTB 2.5 EndCard Integration.

We recommend the following best practices for endcards:

  • Pass VX extra signals so that we can correctly identify different endcard types.
  • Track VAST video + HTML static vs. VAST video + HTML playables.
  • When submitting VAST video + HTML playable endcard, include attr”: [13] in the
  • When submitting VAST video + HTML static endcards, no new field needs to be included.


Need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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