Vungle VAST 연동

연동 단계:

  1. 벙글에 샘플 VAST endpoint를 보내주세요.

    • Review supported parameters below for reference
    • Vungle will add supported macros where available
  2. 벙글에서 iOS와 Android 테스트를 위한 데모 앱들을 보낼 것입니다.

    • supply a sample VAST URL (VAST tag) that returns 100% of the time
    • ad response should return an ad
    • please check for video display, tracking pixels firing, clicks recorded etc.
  3. 테스트가 성곡적이라면 라이브 테스트로 넘어갑니다.

    • Vungle will traffic 1,000 non-billable impressions
    • Reconcile delivery

VAST Request Parameters:

Parameter NameMacroValueNotesExample
Device ID {{{device_id}}} String Clear or Hashed ab4d6cc4-f57f-4309-9d29-b7fb5e35dd74
Application ID {{{pub_app_id}}} String From the iTunes or Play store 539920547
App Name {{{pub_app_name}}} String From the iTunes or Play store Family%20Farm%20Seaside
IP {{{ip}}} String Internet Protocol Address
User Agent {{{browser_user_agent}}} String UA from headers  
Vungle User Agent {{{user_agent}}} String UA from Vungle SDK  
Platform {{{device_platform}}} String iOS or Android iOS/Android
Device DNT {{{ad_tracking_disabled}}} String True/False True/False
Device DNT {{{ad_tracking_enabled}}} String True/False True/False
Screen Width {{{screen_width}}} Integer screen width (pixels) 1024
Screen Height {{{screen_height}}} Integer screen height (pixels) 768
Screen Orientation {{{screen_orientation}}} String Portrait or Landscape Portrait/Landscape
Connection Type {{{connection_type}}} String Wifi, wwan, mobile Wifi, wwan, mobile
Timestamp {{{timestamp}}} String/Int Timestamp 2014-12-05T00%3A44%3A19%2B00%3A00
App Category {{{pub_app_store_category}}} String List of categories Games
App Store URL {{{pub_app_store_url}}} String App Store or content URL  
Vungle ID {{{vungle_id}}} String Vungle Publisher ID to associate performance  
Market ID {{{market_id}}} String Publisher Store ID to associate performance  
OS version {{{os_version}}} String OS Version (ie iOS 7.2)  
Device Model {{{device_model}}} String    
Device Make {{{device_model}}} String    
Device Type {{{device_model}}} String    
City {{{city}}} String    
Country {{{country}}} String    
Language {{{language}}} String two character Language from headers UK

파라미터가 적용되지 않은 VAST Request URL (VAST tag) 샘플:{{{pub_app_name}}}&app_id={{{market_id}}}&rtb_type=instream_mobile_vast_inter&user_id={{{device_id}}}&ua={{{browser_user_agent}}}&random={{{timestamp}}}&ip_address={{{ip}}}

파라미터가 적용된 VAST Request URL (VAST tag) 샘플:

No-Ad Response

Please Respond with No Ad or a 403 for impressions not wanted

VAST Response 기준:

  • 15s 또는 30s 길이 비디오 (Vungle AM에게 확인하세요)
  • 250 kbps 미만 비트레이트
  • .mp4 확장자 미디어 파일
  • maximum of 1 redirect
  • Bid Responses returned within 300ms (for streaming)
  • Bid Responses returned within 500ms (for pre-cached)
  • Click through event
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