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Welcome to Liftoff Monetize! Use this article to orient yourself and start monetizing with us.

Announcement: Vungle's Suite for Publishers is Now Liftoff Monetize

As we merge with Liftoff, we are excited to rebrand our offerings. The Vungle suite for publishers is now Liftoff Monetize. These changes will affect our UI, API, and documentation as follows:

  • UI: The Publisher Dashboard is Now the Liftoff Monetize Dashboard
    The Vungle UI for publishers, the Publisher Dashboard, is now the Liftoff Monetize Dashboard. You will notice a new look and feel, but the rebrand will not change its functionality. 
  • APIs: For Publisher APIs, Our Domains Stay the Same
    Our API domains, all containing vungle, will not change.
  • Documentation: There Will Be a Period of Disparity in Our Help Center
    Our Help Center will temporarily refer to both Liftoff and Vungle:
    • Our narrative will refer to our product suites as Liftoff Monetize, Vungle SDK, Liftoff Direct, and Vungle Exchange.
      Our publisher suite is now Liftoff Monetize; our advertiser suite is now Liftoff Direct, while our Vungle SDK and Vungle Exchange remain unchanged. 
    • Our dashboard screenshots will gradually evolve to match the Liftoff look and feel.
      But in the interim, until colors and logos are updated, the screenshots still depict the correct functionality of our dashboards.
    • Some links will gradually be updated to Liftoff URLs.
      Links from our Help Center articles to our dashboards, to our support center, to email addresses, and to other sites will transport you to Liftoff or Vungle URLs, as required.
    • Our code samples will match the backend code, which uses Vungle in the names of many methods, functions, and endpoints.

    This means that you will see Liftoff as our name on our website, in our product UI, in our communications to you, and in our marketing collateral–everywhere except in reference to the Vungle SDK and Vungle Exchange.

Welcome to Liftoff Monetize!

Watch Our Video

We have created an introductory video to help you start monetizing with us: Getting Started With Liftoff Monetize.

Ad Tech Reference

If you're new to monetizing, refer to our ad tech glossary for any unfamiliar terms.

High-Level Checklist to Start Monetizing

To start monetizing with Liftoff Monetize, you will do some setup on the front end (such as creating your account in the Publisher Dashboard), and some engineering work on the back end (such as integrating the SDK and any mediation adapters). 

Follow this high-level checklist to go live with Liftoff Monetize video ads:

Step Where this is done Instructions
1. Visit the Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard and create an account. Front end:
Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard
Dashboard user instructions
2. Provide Liftoff Monetize with your payment information so that once your app goes live, you can start receiving payments. Front end:
Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard
Everything you need to know about getting paid
3. Create an app with Liftoff Monetize, and define one or more placements. Front end:
Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard
Dashboard user instructions
4. Download and integrate the Liftoff Monetize SDK.

Make sure that the app ID and placement IDs you provide to the Liftoff Monetize SDK code matches the IDs you created in the Publisher Dashboard in Step 3.
Back end:
Your app’s code
SDK integration instructions
5. Optionally enable mediation with our mediation partners. Back end:
Your app’s code
Mediation integration instructions
6. Submit your app to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store. Front end:
Online store where your app is offered
7. Test your integration with your app in test mode. Front end:
Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard
Integration testing instructions
8. Set your app live on the Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard. Front end:
Liftoff Monetize Publisher Dashboard
Dashboard user instructions
9. Start serving ads!

Don’t forget to consult our recommended best practices, troubleshooting, and publisher FAQs!
  Liftoff Help Center


Need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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