Tracking FAQ

Why are there no impressions or clicks tracked on the Liftoff Direct Dashboard?

  • This is unrelated to the click and impression trackers you have in place for your campaign. We will serve impressions and track clicks internally, regardless of the tracking links.
  • If there are no impressions, it’s likely that the campaign setup has an issue. Make sure the targeting capability is set up properly, creatives are properly attached, and the campaign is set live. View more about campaign troubleshooting.
  • If there are a low number of clicks even though there are impressions, there could be an issue with the creative performance. For example, is the creative localized for the specific country?

Why are there no installs tracked on the Liftoff Direct Dashboard?

  • If you believe that there are enough impressions & clicks to have an install, the first place to check is whether there are installs tracked on the MMP dashboard. If yes, then it may be the case the the install postbacks from the MMP to Liftoff is not enabled or set up correctly. Make sure that it’s using the correct Liftoff App ID. See our install postback setup article for complete guidelines.

Why are there no installs tracked on the MMP dashboard?

  • This means that the MMP was unable to track an install attributed to Liftoff. It’s possible that the tracking URLs were not properly set up to pass the information necessary for the MMP to attribute to the clicks. Does the click URL have superfluous characters that might break the URL? Is the device parameter specific to your MMP properly appended? Are you using the correct Liftoff device ID macro? See our complete tracking URL macro list.


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