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Use our Creative Manager to add creatives to your Liftoff Direct campaigns.


Types of Creatives

We support four categories of creatives:

  • Playables*
  • Full Screen
  • MREC
  • Banner

Within each category, you can choose from multiple creative types. Refer to the Creative Asset Requirements article for Liftoff's specifications for each type of creative.

*Playables is currently only available to pre-approved advertisers. Contact your account manager for approval.

Adaptive Creative

The primary type of creative served by Liftoff Direct is the Adaptive Creative. An Adaptive Creative is essentially a playable, either standalone or with a video, whose Liftoff ad logic is separated from the creative, allowing the ad package to work seamlessly across all the SDK platforms that we support.

To make the most of this technically advanced advertising mechanism:

Creatives Must Be Approved

The creatives you define here must be reviewed and approved by our internal team. Learn about approvals. To expedite the approval process for creatives with Playable assets, we recommend testing them first with our Creative Verifier.


Need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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