Creatives: Add Assets, Build Creatives

If you are in the App or Campaign builder, you will most likely be adding new creatives. If you are looking through your existing creatives, your creative experience will be a little different.

Build Creatives With Creative Manager

Build new creatives and edit existing ones using our Creative Manager.


The Creative Manager lets you build and preview your creative in real time. 

  1. Navigate to the Creative Manager by selecting the Creatives tab from the left navigation panel and then clicking Add Creatives in the top right corner.
  2. Select the creative category from the top four offered.

    We support four categories of creatives: Playables, Full Screen, MREC, and Banner. Within each category, you can choose from multiple creative types. 

    Note: Playables is currently only available to pre-approved advertisers. Contact your account manager for approval.

  3. Select the Creative Type within the category you chose.
  4. Clicking on the asset placeholder displays the assets panel, where you can select from the assets you have already uploaded, or upload new assets. Refer to the Creative Asset Requirements article for Liftoff's specifications for each type of creative.
    If you're approved for Playables, you can use the Assets tab of the Liftoff Direct Dashboard to easily view the assets you have in your account for your applications.
  5. Use the creative preview tool to see and interact with your creatives so you can launch them with confidence. Navigate to your Creative List to easily preview how your creative will look and work. Click the "more" icon and click Preview to view all your creatives.

    Interact with any ad format we run on our network, including all your playables. Check your ads in portrait and landscape orientations across phone and tablet. Test your close and mute buttons, privacy link, and calls to action.

  6. Wait for Liftoff admins to approve your creative. This process applies to every new creative. Learn about approvals.

Manage Creatives

The main Creatives page displays all the creatives you have defined so far. You can learn the status of each creative on this page as well; creatives can be Active, or Pending (under Liftoff review), or Inactive. If the creative is Inactive, you can view the reason(s) to fix them later.

Assets Tab (Only for Advertisers Approved for Playables)

If your account has been approved by Liftoff to use our Playables feature (that is, if you've been approved to upload Playables as a fourth creative category), then you will also see an additional tab in your left navigation panel: Assets. You can also navigate to it by URL:

Use the Assets page to upload new assets or to manage existing assets.


Manage Assets

  • View: Click on the asset thumbnail in the left column or on the asset name to view the asset.
  • Sort: You can sort the assets list by any column in the table.
  • Upload: Click Add Assets in the top right to upload a new asset.
  • Edit: The last column in the table (with the settings gear icon as its column name) is the edit column. Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) to edit an asset. 

Filter the Assets List

  • You can search for assets by name using the Search box.
  • You can filter the list by selecting Applications to which the assets are attached.
  • You can also filter by Status. Values include: Pending Review, Needs Attention, Under Visual QA, Under Full QA, or Active.
  • Filter by asset Type. Values include: Image, Video, or Playable.

More About Creatives

Creatives (and, necessarily, assets) is a rich topic that goes far beyond how to use our Creative Manager. Visit the Creative section of our help center for in-depth information about using the Creative Manager, requirements for the creative assets you upload, and building Adaptive Creative for Liftoff. Here is the best place to get started.

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