Applications: Create and Manage Apps

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Access the Applications tab at This is the main Applications page and it displays the apps under your account.


In this page, you can:

  • Sort and filter your apps list, or search for an app by name
  • Click to view the list of campaigns or list of creatives under a specific app
  • Create a new app

Create an App

When you first create your account, your Applications page is empty, as shown below.


To create an app:

  1. In the Applications page, click Add Application in the top right corner.

  2. Indicate the app's platform. We support iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows. Based on the platform, you will need to provide specific criteria to locate your live application in the particular store.


    Note that you will not be able to change the app's platform after saving. Once you are sure, click Save Application.

  3. For iOS, if you want to enable SKAdnetwork on campaigns for this app, SKAdnetwork must first be enabled at the app level. To enable this app for SKAdnetwork, contact your account manager. Learn more about SKAdnetwork attribution here.

    You have now created an app, but it is empty: it lacks campaigns and creatives. You can add a campaign from the Campaigns page and a creative from the Creatives page, but since you've started your app, we've made it easy for you to keep going by taking you through those steps in this flow. Therefore all the subsequent screens in this flow help you define this app's first campaign by setting up its tracking, targeting, and bidding details, and then building a creative to attach to it. 


  4. For iOS-based apps that are SKAdnetwork-enabled (as described in the last step), define SKAdnetwork settings for your first campaign. If your app is not iOS and SKAdnetwork-enabled, this section does not display. To enable SKAdnetwork for this campaign, refer to Step 2 of our Campaigns article, where this step is described in detail.


    Click Continue.

  5. Specify campaign details. Refer to Step 3 of our Campaigns article, where this step is described in detail.


    Click Continue.
  6. Here, you are defining tracking for your app's first campaign. Refer to Step 4 of our Campaigns article, where this step is described in detail.


    Click Continue.
    Learn more about tracking.

  7. Set up targeting, but do this with caution to avoid reducing your available inventory of impressions. Refer to Step 5 of our Campaigns article, where this step is described in detail.



    Learn more about targeting.

  8. Set up bidding and app spend. Refer to Step 6 of our Campaigns article, where this step is described in detail.



    Learn more about bidding.

  9. Finally, build one or more creatives in the Creative Manager. Refer to our Creatives article, where this step is described in detail.


    Learn more about Creative Manager, building creatives, and creative asset requirements.

  10. Complete the Review page with all your campaign settings.
  11. Click Save & Activate Campaign.

You have now created an App and within it a Campaign, and at least one Creative to attach to it.

Manage Apps

Access the Applications tab at or select the Applications tab on the left panel.

All the apps under your account are displayed. Search for a specific app by name, or filter your apps by platform to narrow your search. 


On each application card, use the Total Campaigns and Total Creatives quick-links to view more in-depth information about your application.

  • The Total Campaigns quick-link takes you to the main Campaigns list page, with a filter for that app.
  • The Total Creatives quick-link takes you to the main Creatives list page, with a filter for that app.
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